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Episode 55: RT “Shark Hives”

It’s “Random Tandem” time which means we team with you to make the show and anything is game! You pick the topics, stories, and suggestions for the one word story. Which means we ended up talking troll dolls, sharks, and D’s YouTube history. If you enjoy the show share it with a friend who might also like it, and join us live every Tuesday and Friday at noon central on Mixlr! Shoe the Doe is a completely crowd funded, live and later show. Tune in live every Tuesday and Friday at noon for the fun or catch it on the podcast the next day. If you a kind enough to support us at our Patreon site you’ll have access to the show to download the day it airs as well as many other fan perks! Thanks!

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 Showe Notes

Studio news… we have new equipment! Thanks to our supporters at we have been able to order some equipment that will really help us continue to provide quality audio entertainment.  Thank you!

As you know, this episode is built around random stream of consciousness conversation. Here are a few images and links that relate to what you heard on the show.

Margo, Edgar, Penelope, Francois,…Dude(not pictured)

In the news right now… a hacker group takes down Ashley Madison and their affiliate sites:

Here are just two of the many videos Deneé watched where little children weep over their newest puppy.

Also in her video feed:

The “hot car challenge”

Woman gives birth in car: “Super preggo”

In the bonus Patron’s Only segment Denee’ references this video! To hear Aaron and Deneé’s bonus segment head to Patreon and support them at $1 or more!

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