New Music Digest #1- Crackers and Boy Bands

Jan 7, 2016


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 Episode 1 “Crackers and Boy Bands”

DNA kicks off New Music Digest with Denee’s love of crackers (1:47), then try the Broadway musical “Alexander Hamilton” as the appetizer (3:34). Then it’s on to the main course albums, Cage the Elephant’s “Tell Me I’m Pretty” (7:54), They Might Be Giants’ “Why?” (14:15), Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams” (23:38), and The Vamps’ “Wake Up ” (34.25), which leads to a discussion on boy bands (42:15). They finish with some side dish tastes from Cam, Ariana Grande, and Baroness (47:30) and this week’s winner provides the dessert which creates an interesting response from Denee (52:37).

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In 2012 Aaron and Deneé started the podcast "Shoe The Doe" and it quickly gained traction on iTunes. As their radio career shifted, they took a brief hiatus and returned in 2015 with the support of their fans!

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The Critic
A legit movie critic with the Broadcast Film Critics Association, Aaron Dicer has a passion for all media.. but especially movies! Check out his YouTube channel!  "Your Movie Friend" releases a review for each movie that comes out because "he sees everything so you don't have to."
The Geek
Lovingly referred to as the "rotating Geek" this guest spot has been filled by a few incredible people that we would love for you to get to know!

Andrew Ormbsy of "Flick Freaks"
Josh Childs of "Nether Region"

The Girl
Deneé Hughes is the awkward one of the bunch, mainly because she is a self proclaimed hater of movies. Though, admittedly, she has enjoyed more movies than hated since joining TGTGTG.  On the plus side, Deneé DOES enjoy conversations about common experiences so that makes it all work out. Her favorite part of SiftPop is the "buried treasure" segment where she often talks about new apps she's trying.
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