Thanks again to so many who are encouraging us in this new season of our work outside of 88.3 TheWind.  Now that more people are becoming aware of our stepping away, and more questions are being asked we wanted to clear up a few things as best as we can to squish any conjecture or rumors.


1. We did not leave because of Boost 101.9.  We have been a part of Boost (a brand new youth oriented Christian station in St. Louis) since its launch earlier this spring and continue to be thrilled to reach more people in the St. Louis area every morning, but we did not leave to work there.  In fact, we didn’t leave to work anywhere.  We are actually still piecing together what the next chapter will be.  Though we have some exciting ideas (stay tuned) Boost 101.9 was not the impetus for our departure.

2. The separation was mutual. Both 88.3 The Wind and we came to the conclusion that the show we were doing was not a fit for what they wanted after many long and in depth conversations. Speaking of which…

3. Leaving 88.3 The Wind was not a snap decision. It was a long, painful, and hard fought series of conversations and revelations.  In our final conversations with station management we all decided that we could part on positive terms with an understanding that it is, in fact, ok for us to go our separate ways and each pursue our passions.

4. We love 88.3 the Wind.  We love the way they love this community, and we love the heart that beats deeply for ministry to the Ozarks. We will continue to be cheerleaders for “The Wind” and any other ministry that seeks to encourage and love on the community we continue to live in.  There are no sides to take here.  You can love Peanut Butter and you can love Cheese, even if you never choose to eat them on the same sandwich.

5. Parting ways always leaves unanswered questions for anyone involved.  The community is involved because you have been a huge part of our show for 3 years, and we want to honor your questions and confusion as best we can.  We will continue to ask for you to pray with us as we find our way through this new chapter, and pray for the station as they find their way.  The healthiest thing for both us and the station is to focus on the diverging future that God holds for each.  Healing and moving forward must take place, and for that reason this post will likely be our final public statement on the matter of our departing 88.3 The Wind.  We are so excited for the future. There is so much left for us to do and so we do not want to get caught up in the past.  Please feel free to share this post with anyone who may have questions, and join us in both rooting on 88.3 The Wind and doing our own best to make a difference in the Ozarks community and beyond!

Your friends,

Aaron and Denee’


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This post continues to be our most viewed post on our website.  We want to thank you for taking the time to read more about our show’s journey! We wanted to give you a quick update about some breaking news!

We have been working tirelessly to discover a way to be able to connect with you via online streaming for a brand new show!  Recently our fans helped to fund this show (at and we are launching a LIVE talk show that you can tune into online or on an app!
We would LOVE to have you listen!

This post (click below) is the most recent post on how to stay connected with this new show.  Please read it and check back for updates.
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You can also check back here on our website for updates on where you can listen to our show on the radio!
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