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 “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character”


If you hear it, we mean it, if you see it, it’s real. Trials and triumphs alike, it’s us.  In not shading our lives we hope it encourages others that they can put the real themselves out there as well.


“holding a peculiar trait”


And boy do we hold many. From Aaron’s super-tasting ability to Deneé’s tendency to break out into song, we claim our quirks and encourage others to do the same, celebrating the idiosyncrasy’s that make us who we are.


“showing true and constant support or loyalty”


We are steadfast in our belief that truth is given by the creator of the universe, and that His son Jesus made it possible to connect with Him in love. We hope to offer that same love and truth in all we do.


“an enjoyable or amusing time”


Man, we love to laugh.  We know that life isn’t always fun, so when you can step outside of your daily grind and feel a smile creep across your face or a belly laugh brighten your car, we’re glad we got to play a part.