We met our first goal of $200 a month!

We tested our LIVE show format on Tuesday and it went really well.  (Check the podcast “Shoe the Doe” for the full show!)

Now to the next goal of $300/month!

Will you help our talk show go 2 days a week!?


Check out our “Intro to the LIVE show” video!

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LIVE 1 day a week

we will launch early because we made our first goal
$200/per month

We Add Video

the talk show gets visual!
$1000/per month

We Hire Help

time to expand Studio DNA
$2000/per month

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Help the show get to 5 days a week!

the sky is the limit

Imagine tuning in at lunch time every day to listen to un-filtered Aaron and Deneé. Tweet, Text, Gmail, Comment…and CALL! All coming soon! Help us make it happen by sharing our show with your friends! Also, consider what a few dollars a month would mean. We’re crowd funding, so our show launches when you want it to!

I listen to you guys every morning and can’t wait to hear the talk show!

Kyle S.