Tri2-Aaron and Denee cropped

Our Top 5 Ways to Beat the Heat

Add your way to beat the heat in the comments below. 🙂

1 Swim in a pool. Any pool will do… that is as long as you enjoy swimming.
2 Take the #icebucketchallenge! We know first hand this is a great way to go from hot to cold in a few seconds flat.
(Click here to see Aaron and Deneé take the challenge.)
3 Fill swimming floaties with water, freeze them and wear them throughout the day. Yes this will become a fancy new trend.
4 Eat ice cream all day. Unless of course you are lactose intolerant (sorry Deneé) in which case eat flavored cold things all day.
5 Wear a mobile fan hat.  These too are certain to return to popularity.

We talked about beating the heat on the air! Here are a few clips from the show.