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Aaron Dicer

Aaron Dicer

For 15 years I have been behind the mic at radio stations working in various positions, eventually becoming a GM…. but at some point I out-climbed my passion for creating a show.  My family and I moved to Springfield MO in 2010 to pursue my passion for a great radio show. Deneé joined me in 2011 and we quickly realized that even though we come from very different experiences, we had a lot of similarities to explore right along with our audience.  In addition to radio, I review movies for our local NBC affiliate, KY3.  I am a part of the BFCA and cast my ballot for the Critics Choice Awards each year, as well as post reviews on YouTube and my website www.yourmoviefriend.com.

Deneé Hughes

Deneé Hughes

Me? So.. let’s see. Most people want to know how I got mixed up in this whole “radio / podcast / video” world.  I blame a few key people. I blame my Dad for always telling me I’d be great on radio, especially talk radio. (he is SO proud of me. ♥ you Dad) I blame my Mom for giving me no sense of personal doubt. She’s my biggest fan and would go to the ends of the earth to show her support of me. Then I blame Peter Lloyd, who called to book a hotel reservation and got me of all the thousands that worked for Hotels.com at the time. He told me I’d be great on radio after I helped him book his vacation…he then called the very station I would eventually walk into and tried to connect me to the GM. Wherever you are Peter, thank you.  Finally I blame Rana Jones, my massage client who pushed me over the edge and said I should call the very same station and connect with the new GM. She gave me his name… I stewed over it for a few weeks and then one day…

TLDR: many people told me that I would be talented in radio so eventually my stubbornness gave way and I went to my local station and landed a career. totally crazy.


How long have you two been working together?

Deneé went into the local radio station after being told by several people she need to “be in radio”.  Although she was unsure what that meant, Aaron quickly saw her natural talent for story telling and communication.  Deneé began volunteering for the Morning Show that Aaron was hosting and he put her on air that very morning. They were off and running and haven’t looked back since!


Eat at Joe’s?

Sure! You paying?

How do I listen to the show?

You can listen LIVE or LATER, depending on your schedule. Their show is aired on radio stations, streamed through their website and available to pick up in podcast.  Here are some links to help you find what you are looking for.
•Morning DNA
•Shoe the Doe LIVE

•Radio Podcast
•Shoe the Doe Podcast

How do I get in on one of your prize giveaways?

Giveaways are posted on their social media, at the website, and in the Band group app. Follow the show and stay in the know!

Will you review a product for me?

We’re open to ideas! Send an email to “aaronanddenee@gmail.com”!

How do you know what you’ll talk about on the show?

That entirely depends. Both Aaron and Deneé are skilled in the art of “going with the flow”, “shooting from the hip”, “improv” .. Whatever you call it, they readily admit that “off the cuff” is their forte.  Of course each show DOES have a sort of plan, but allowing for creative freedom is essential.

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