We want you to introduce the show!

Listen for your voice on the next "Shoe the Doe" podcast segment!

Read, Record and Return!


“It’s time to Do the Show, I mean Shoe the Doe, with Aaron and Deneé!


Streaming on Mixlr every Tuesday afternoon, or available to download later in your podcast feed. Unless of course you’re a Patron, Patron’s get perks.

Time for the show to begin, so let’s listen in….


Live! from a bunker! in the heart of the Ozarks! here’s Aaron and Deneé!”


Deneé = Duh-nay
Mixlr = Mix-ler
Patron = Pay-tron


1. Use the best mic you have, often a smart phone microphone works really nicely.

2. Find a quiet space so the recording sounds as clear as it can.

3. Have fun with it!

4. Try to email it to us as an .mp3.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below! Thanks for helping us create the Shoe the Doe Podcast Network together!